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Ansty MaypoleAnsty is a beautiful village containing a medieval manor, church and pond fed by a spring. Ansty Water flows through the area and joins the Nadder at Tisbury. The manor was owned by the Turberville family, who gave it to the Order of Knights Hospitallers in 1211. The order remained in Ansty for three hundred years, and cared for pilgrims, quarrymen and masons associated with the building of Salisbury Cathedral, as well as royal keepers and huntsmen of Cranborne Chase. Ansty is indirectly mentioned in Thomas Hardy's book Tess of the d'Urbevilles, inspired by the aforementioned family.

The Maypole in the village was once the tallest in England, and on the 1st of May every year the local children dance round it as part of the May Day celebrations. The maypole is replaced approximately every twenty years, and traditionally must be in place between sunrise and sunset of one day, lest the right to have it in the road be lost!