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Dinton  There are several interesting historic buildings in Dinton Village.  This includes the 13th Century church of St Mary’s.  The properties of Little Clarendon and Lawes Cottage are next to each other near the Village Shop.  Little Clarendon is a delightful 15th Century Tudor stone farmhouse once owned by George Engleheart, a famous horticulturist in the early 1900s who grew daffodils, and Lawes Cottage is believed to have been the home of Henry Lawes, an outstanding 17th Century composer

Philipps House and Dinton Park.  The house is an early 19th Century Georgian mansion built of local Chilmark stone presiding over its picturesque parkland.  It was built in 1816 by William Wyndham and called Dinton House.  Interestingly, it was renamed Philipps House by new owner Betram Philipps in 1916 who named it after himself!  It was then granted to the National Trust in 1943.  As well as being owned by wealthy landowners, it was used by the US Army during the Second World War and as a Christian Women’s retreat.  There are many interesting walks around the estate and from a clear day, the Spire of Salisbury Cathedral can be seen from the highest point.  On the ridge behind the house, is Wick Ball Camp, an Iron Age Hill Fort and Dinton’s ancient settlement site.