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Sutton Mandeville from the OxdroveSutton Mandeville & Chicksgrove are situated in the parish of Sutton Mandeville.The landscape is a largely low-lying patchwork of pastures and meadows, fringed by chalk downland. The Parish is first mentioned in the Domesday book of 1086 as Sudtone (South Town) and was given to the de Mandeville family as part of a grant of land under the reign of Henry I.

It's not so clear where the name Chicksgrove derives from, there are many variations recorded (Chichesgrave, Chikes Grove, Chekesgrave & Cheesgrove among them), the earliest being Chiknesgrava. It may be direct from Chicke which appears independently in the 14th Century as a reduced form of chicken or it may have originated as a nickname used as a surname. Sutton passed to the Pembrokes after the Reformation and then in 1689 both the Sutton and Chicksgrove estates were purchased by the Wyndham family of Dinton House (now Philipps House). The Estates were both put up for auction on 17th July 1917 and many of the sitting tenants purchased the farms and properties.